We all know fast fashion can be unethical, so take a look at my list of sustainable bikinis, ethical swimsuits and more.

1. Nael swimwear

Although there are plenty of materials used in fashion that are bad for the planet: like cotton, leather or polyester, there are also some hugely innovative materials that are treating the planet better. In case you haven’t heard of them, here’s a list below:

Apple leather.

The devastating social impacts of the fast fashion industry.

Why is fast fashion bad? Underpaid workers, child labour and more..

So why is fast fashion bad? Read below for the horrible working conditions for underpaid garment workers and the Dhaka garment factory collapse and find out #whomademyclothes.

What On Earth Official

What on Earth is a community of those who believe that fashion should not come at a cost: neither to the planet nor to the people who make our clothes.

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